Episode 7: Heaven Came Through A Woman

Episode 7: Heaven Came Through A Woman

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This episode is a little different, instead of answering a question, Rosie invited Amber Richardson to tell a story.

“I wish we talked more about Mary.”

-Amber Richardson

At Christmastime we celebrate the beginnings of Jesus's life. In honor of Him, we're discussing the woman who raised him to be the Savior we all need. 

“She consented, she put her body on the line, she put her life on the line, and who is going to believe a 14 year old girl? Especially when she says, “An angel appeared to me and that’s how I got pregnant.” I’ll answer that question myself, no one.”

-Amber Richardson

Amber Richardson


Amber Richardson studies women in the scriptures extensively, and when she has finished, she writes a piece about these women. She wrote one about Mary, which is the story she tells on the podcast. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective on a an age-old story for us to gain new insight on the depth and beauty of a story.

Amber talks about the sacrifice Mary made, as well as the loving and respectful way the Lord communicated with Mary.

“If the point of Gabriel's message was to simply come and prophecy and foretell, this thing is about to happen to you, he could have come after she had conceived. But he didn’t, he came before she conceived, which to me is really powerful and says a lot about how God respected this girl.”

-Amber Richardson

Amber’s storytelling ability is beautiful. Listen and enjoy the calming and peaceful voice of Amber as she tells the story of Mary.

Follow Amber’s personal instagram, @richardson.amb. Amber also has a podcast, On Sovereign Wings. Follow on Instagram, @onsovereignwings, or listen here

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Rosemary "Rosie" Card, Q.More Host