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Are you a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and have questions you want answered? Don't know who to ask let alone what? We are here to help. Listen as we ask tough questions and get answers from scholarly, thoughtful from people within the LDS church. Please send in questions via voice memo to qmore@qnoor.com.

Show Notes

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One episode in, I’m a listener for life

“I needed a safe place to question without being judged and without those around me becoming hostile or defensive. This is it. I love that these questions will be approached with respect and reverence, while still acknowledging the validity of the emotions behind them. If it’s possible, I love Rosie and Q.noor even more now. Can’t wait for what’s to come.”


Amazing podcast

Each week, I have been able to feel the spirit through this podcast! When my friend shared it with me, I was cautious at first cause I didn’t think it would be applicable to me being a man. I’ve loved this podcast and feel that I can connect to it!


Already obsessed.

“Rosie. Seriously girl, what can you NOT DO?! This is not only what I need in my life, it’s what alllllll of us LDS folks need. Especially the rising adult generation who will benefit more from talking about the hard things vs leaving over them. I’m in the podcasting biz myself, so trust me when I say the quality of these interviews, the thought behind them, and the openness will knock your socks off. I can’t wait to listen to more, and have ten questions I’m mulling over submitting. Well done!!”


Open-minded and fresh

I love this podcast! It’s a fantastic reminder that we have traditions, principles, and doctrine. Traditions are not doctrine. I love how Rosemary goes to the source and finds experts on some tricky subjects, and branches out to get correct and modern information. I think this is a great tool for teaching, for youth and to get you pondering and to receive your own personal revelation on certain subjects. Highly recommend it!